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Seeking the Right Fit in Memory Care Communities

Your loved one has been diagnosed as suffering from Alzheimer's disease. As the most common form of dementia, this disease is characterized by memory loss, confusion, and personality changes. One of the most immediate concerns is that it's no longer safe for him or her to be alone. He or she could forget to turn off the stove, get upset over a minor concern, or wander off alone. Before something bad can happen, reach out to A Home Away From Home, for referrals on memory care communities.

Let your personal family consultant and specialist Jennifer Button serve as your guide to choosing a senior community where Alzheimer's care is offered. She provides you with details and contact information about a number of options, so you can look into these and choose one that is secure and staffed to support your aging parent.

Before a diagnosis, individuals may well notice their loved one forgetting things and becoming easy to anger. Often, such signs are ignored leading to potentially dangerous conditions for your relative. Let us help you find a new home that provides the care he or she needs. Call or email Jennifer today.