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A good measure of any service is how the customers feel about their experience. To learn about our free senior referral service, read A Home Away From Home testimonials.

"Over the last year I have had numerous phone and email conversations with Jennifer Button. Jennifer has been an incredible source of information and guidance for me as I have worked on finding the right care facility for my father. Not only has she answered the questions I have had, she has many times gathered additional information and made many suggestions that has made the entire process much simpler and less painful for us. In additional to having the information I needed, she has always provided something I did not expect: compassion. In trying to make the right decision regarding my father, I have spoken to many other care professionals, and I can tell you in all honesty that not one other person has come close to providing the support and care that Jennifer has always shown me. Having managed large groups of people in my own professional career, I can tell you that I only wish that I had had an associate like Jennifer on my team."
Thank you,
G. T. Los Angeles

"Hi Jennifer, and THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't tell you how happy and relieved I am to have found you (and so easily!). I feel like I won the lottery (well, almost!). It will be a great comfort to my mom also to know that I've found someone who knows all the ropes & what they're talking about - not to mention making such an effort to help me find a good match for her. I'll try to take a look at some of these places over the next week or too, and let you know what I'm thinking. Thanks again, I'll be back in touch soon."
Kindest regards,
S.N., Century City

"Jennifer, I LOVE your efficiency. I hope that you're around when my kids are looking for a place for me... I'll keep you posted and thanks again for your help..."
M, Los Angeles, CA

"Jennifer i wanted to thank you for all your hard and expert help in finding my Mom the best place possible to live. My brother and i are truly gratefull to you and will always remember your help. She is now at (community) with (administrator), who by the way talks very highly of you. I will forever be in debt to you and if and when I encounter others looking for a safe and secure place for their beloved parents, I will refer them to you. Again Jennifer thank you for all you have done for my Mom and my family,"
C.V., West Los Angeles

"THANKS so much for your help!! You are a life saver!!"
B., Van Nuys, CA

"Jennifer, thank you so much for all your help. You just don't know how much I appreciate it. You are truly an angel. I will call these places and let you know how my search is going. Thanks again."
I.M., Los Angeles, CA

"Thanks, Jennifer! It's nice to know that you and your organization are out there doing such important work. Thanks again for your support! It really meant a lot to me"
J.S., Santa Monica

"Jennifer and Anita at A Home Away from Home was a great internet find for me! I needed referrals for all over the place since we had family living in several cities. I couldn't believe they were so familiar with the Board and Care homes! It helped us so much as our time was very limited and they helped us very quickly narrow the search. They kept all family members posted through e-mails. Keep up the great work you two!"
Karen, Santa Monica, CA

"Jennifer, Thanks for your kind note. My parents were just getting settled and hope was on the rebound when dad passed away. It was all over within about 1 minute. We are deeply indebted to you for helping us find (community name). They both really liked it, and my Mom now has a support structure - many friends - and the kind staff there to help her through this difficult time. The setting is spectacular, and the facility is great...everything we wanted and hoped for and more. Thanks again."
B.E., Hollywood