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Assisted Living

Assisted Living for Health, Safety, & Happiness

Be proactive when it comes to considering assisted living for your elderly loved one. Before he or she gets hurt or involved in a dangerous situation, ask A Home Away From Home to look into communities that provide the services your parent needs to stay happy, healthy, and safe. Call or email consultant and specialist Jennifer Button to do the research to connect you to a number of appropriate facilities.

We know this is not a decision you take lightly, but realize it is a necessity at some point in your senior citizen's life. The most important consideration is to locate that community where your parent can get all the assistance he or she needs with the tasks of daily living and therefore devote his or her energy to living and loving life.

With a list of assisted living communities to look into, you and your loved one can select one that makes him or her comfortable. Then, you can relax knowing your favorite senior is in a place where needs can be met in a stimulating environment.